Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Oh to Drop into Booby Dingle

Sitting at a lap top, alone, for a man, could lead to anything, or is it that it leads to one thing. Well, whichever it is, on a quiet saturday evening, wife a work , kinds in bed, I found myself searching for good walking sites, yes that isn't a typo. I became a member of Walking World and for a modest subscription was allowed access to 100's of walks around Britain. I loved looking at these maps of walks that, if I was totally honest with myself, i would never do. Of course I was not being honest with myself, I was lost in a fantasy of spending weeks, perhaps months, exploring weird and wonderful places around the British Isles. I thought Shagg in Dorset might be worth a visit, Booby Dingle in Herefordshire sounded intriguing and Cocklick End, in Lancashire, was definitely not one to miss. Seriously though, the maps were thrilling for me and in my mind I planned to undertake my first walk as soon as possible. Only a week went by before I received a letter from a charity asking me to do a walk to raise money from them. This was all the opportunity , or excuse , that I needed.

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