Monday, 18 June 2012

Hobbit's Wandering Feet

I recently read, if listening to audio books counts as reading as it's all the reading I do at the moment, that ' if you don't watch your feet, when you step outside your door, there is no knowing where they might lead you'. Some may recognise these words as coming from Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit? I mix them up quite often and only really listen to them for their sleep inducing qualities. However, that line really stuck with me. Orcs, dwarfs and Ogres aside, the stories for me as a fantastic travel story. The characters, some of whom are small, big-footed gentle Hobbits and not at all heroic, walk for miles and miles in these stories, over grassy hills, through deep forests and over snow-capped mountains. The level of detail is staggering and not to everyone's taste. It's a thorough travel log and , if you are prepared to persevere with the slow pace of the story line, which plods along every bit as steadily as the Hobbit's huge feet, it can leave you spellbound. And I was. If there was something I was determined to do more of, in my 40th year, it was to walk. Regularly and far.

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