Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I J and the Temple of Brood

I woke just before the alarm went and switched it off. I skulked around the house desperate to be as quiet as possible in case I woke the kids.

 In a small ruck sack I packed the bare essentials; water, a some food, a compass, a map, a little money and my iphone. With my cap on my head, walking boots on my feet, in the semi darkness of my hallway, I opened the front door, as delicately as a Indiana Jones navigating the very last booby trap in the Temple of Brood. And, in the next moment, that might have been directed by Speilberg himself using all the best special effects in the world, my halfway filled with the most beautiful golden light and I stepped, with heart racing, out of the door.

 After days and days of rain, I think June 2012 will go down as one of the wettest ever, I was astonished to be starting my walk in the most glorious of weather. There was not a breath of wind, the morning light sang and, at just after 6pm on a Sunday, there was not a soul around, but me. It was bliss. Utter bliss. I was greeted by a robin on the very corner of my road. He seemed intrigued to see someone up this early. I slowed as I approached him and, to my surprise, he allowed me to stop in touching distant of him. I think we shared a brief moment, more than that I could not say. He stayed and tweeted at me and it was I, smilimg, who moved on. I strolled through deserted streets, drinking in the air.

I felt great; my legs felt strong and my feet felt comfortable. my foot falls beat out the rhythm and in a short while I had crossed several roads, climb over a bridge and along a back road, passed through a copse of trees and I stood on the edge of a field. The view was glorious. So many greens; patchwork fields, billowy dark green trees, and light and shade.

 I brought out my iPhone and snapped away at the scene, something I would do regularly on my walk. I also used the swanky new app I had downloaded. I was a gps thing. It told you exactly where you were on a map to the nearest 3 meters. This gizmo was amazing. I plotted my direction, picked out a landmark and set off.

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