Friday, 22 June 2012

Live by Example

Approaching the big 40 gets-one-a-thinking ( it's amazing how carefree one can be with one's English on a Blog) to doing those things we always wanted. I believe the trick is not to let the opportunity pass us by. Waiting for retirement before starting to explore our dreams is a bad idea. Let every quote about life's regrets speak loudly in our ears. Not only that, take a look around you. I knew of a head teacher who worked for years in Letchworth and was a decent man. Fun, outgoing and generous. He always spoke of the plans he had made for when he retired. The car he would buy, the holidays he would have, the hobbies he would begin. You, of course know, where this is going. At 59 he announced to his closet friends that he was fighting cancer, 6 months later he was given the all clear, one month after that he was dead. Devastating. Poignant.

Lessons on not leaving it too late can be found even closer to home. Take my dear old dad. Just makes sure he comes back exactly as you find him. He of the bandy legs, which he was kind enough to pass on to me, through an unfortunate genetic blue-printing error. I am sure I would be an inch taller if my legs didn't have to travel outwards in brackets formation ( ) ,easy demo opp there, in elongated curves before meeting my ankles.

Any hoo, dad is enjoying retirement,I think, however,since retiring I have never heard him stop complaining about suffering constant aches and pains in joints all around his body, including his infamous pins. What's to say I won't inherit the same pains as he , I have certinly inherited the samw body shape. What's to say that the fate of my head teacher friend does not await me, as I approach the false dawn that is retirement.

 No friends, the time to act is now. Live your dreams, do the things you always wanted to do before it 's too late. You owe it to the younger version of you, the you-child playing in the garden, who ever thrilled at the thought of going on great adventures. To let that-you down would be a tragedy, wouldn't it? And what an example to give to our own children. Let's not create ceiling limits for them, too. Come, come! Lead by example, yes, but we must also ensure that we live by example too.

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