Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hadrian's :Here Comes the Sun

It was 4;15am.  Despite a terrible night with no sleep, my spirits were lifted once I found my way back to the path by the Tyne. I saw a blue flash of a humming bird, darting to and fro though the reeds and then three otters swimming and playing together.

I made my way across a partly constructed golf course and wondered if I'd have had a better nights sleep if I'd slept on a green surrounded by bunkers. Probably not.

I trudged up a steep gradient to Wylam, which offers the residents superb views of the landscape and, for those up early enough to see it, the slither of light of breaking dawn.

I spent the next hour walking toward the sun with a totally unobstructed view. I was able to look directly at it, a golden crescent slowly forming into a semi circle. I delighted in the way it slowly bathed my face and chest; I felt I was warming and energising  my whole body and ...
'Wait a minute!' I spoke allowed, ' The sun rises in the East doesn't it?' And I was supposed be walking WEST. I'd spent the last hour walking, half asleep, in totally the wrong direction.

I cursed loudly, which would have been a delightful wake up call for the few houses near by (apologies).  I turned on my heels and headed back west.  

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