Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Day 1, part 2: Finding Nemo

Time to Go! But not wishing to rush into anything too hastily, I spied a pub with a name that caught my attention;The Rock of Gibraltar. Being my mother(and fatherland) I just had to go in.
Bar one print of an early map, hand drawn in the 18th Century, there was nothing inside that connected it to Gibraltar.  This was rather disappointing.
When my fish and chips arrived the battered fish filled the entire plate spilling over either side. I pushed my knife into the batter to a hiss of steam and a crackle of batter. Once the steam had cleared I looked down and noticed there was something missing.
 Where's the bloody fish?
 I peeled away the inflated brown batter to find a small, paper-flat, sorry looking, piece of fish inside the brown casing.  I'd thought I had been given Jaws only to discover I'd found Nemo. I paid the bill with disdain, if you can imagine what that looks like? They would not forget this day in a hurry, no siree!

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