Sunday, 10 November 2013

Going Under: part 3

' I've never seen anyone as calm as you on there first time underwater' .
'Thanks' I sputtered as I spat out my regulator, heart pounding hard under my buoyancy jacket. Bruce was an experienced Divemaster and I took the complement as it was intended. I had surprised myself. I had just finished a frightening first scuba experience under water.

The sensation of being under water is unlike any other. Even swimming underwater is a different experience. I mere fact that you can actually breathe, artificially or not it's mind blowing. And that's the key; as long as you can get you mind 'used' it  you are fine, but if your mind is 'blown' then you will soon discover that diving is not for you.

What worked for me and the it was probably the reason I took to diving was that I could breathe and that comforted me. No matter how deep I would dive, and in qualifying it would be mo more than 18 meters, telling myself, ' You can still breathe, so you are ok', really helped me.

After 5 weeks in the pool and classroom I was given the all clear and invited to attend the qualifying weekend, in Weymouth. This would be the real test for myself and my 5 other fellow trainees. Could we transfer what we had learned in the pool to challenge of open water?

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