Friday, 12 April 2013

No (I) Deer

Once out on a walk, in the gloom on the edge of some woodland, I followed a well established hedgerow. On the other side of the hedge was a field. It was a sunny morning in late spring and although the field as bathed in sunlight, I was walking in he shade of the trees.
I noticed just ahead of me a shaft of light coming through a circular hole in the 'wall' of hedge. It was a circle of light and I paused to squinted through it into the field beyond to allow my face and soul to be warmed.
At that moment the face of a young doe suddenly appeared on the other side. Perhaps it was because I was stood stock-still and the breeze was blowing in a favourable direction that the deer did not take flight. She remained there, just in front of me and starred curiously back, cocking her elegant head slightly to one side. The view had giving me the feeling of awe and wonder, but this was made tenfold by the appearance of that beautiful creature.
It did not matter that in my clumsy rummaging  for my camera, that the deer took flight a moment before my finger could 'click'. I took that photo and even without the face of that deer it remains a favourite of mine, simply for the resonance of that moment that are still conjured up whenever I look at it.

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